Donald Trump Blues

Stop Donald Trump

Someone Please Stop Donald Trump !!

Hulk For President

Everyday reaches new lows in DONALD TRUMP's ignorance and arrogance. 
This guy has proven to be a shameless liar, bully, hater, racist, bigot, misogynist, narcissist. 
Not exactly the definition of a nice human being... 
But what's really scary is the support he gets from the people. 
In a healthy society, such a man should be shunned and prevented to continue his hateful speech. 
But instead, people want to place such a perfect example of a bad man in the White House!! 
When people can no longer differentiate between a good man and a bad man,
between truth and falsehood,
it simply proves that our society is profoundly sick.
We get the leaders we deserve,
so be careful what you wish for...

Maybe a little bit of music will make the pro-Trump change their mind:

Stop Donald Trump

Stop Donald Trump

Trump Is Emotionally Retarded
You want that sort of behavior in the White House, seriously ?

Trump Scared Of Eagle

Trump Monk

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