Florian Bertschy

 First Name:   Florian
 Family Name:   Bertschy
 Location:  Fribourg and Berne, Switzerland
 Instrument:  Bass guitar
 Predominant style:  Chicago Blues
 Current Band:  Bonny B. Blues Band
 Former Bands:  Blues-Connection & Little JC and His Blues Band

Florian Bertschy (bass) jamming with Michel "Ice B." Chanmongkhon (guitar) and Steve Grant (drums)
at Bonny B's Blues Club, Fribourg, Switzerland.

 List of people (in alphabetical order) I have had the chance to play with in paid concerts, or recorded with:

Bill Clark and his Might Balls of Fire, Blaise Kropf, Bob Margolin, Bonny B., C-Lyne, Chris Chescoe, Christian Rogger, Cornel Sidler, Dave Riley, Didier "Cham" Chammartin, Dom Torche, Eddie Baytos, François Angéloz, Fred Bopp, Fun!k, Gregory German, Jean-Claude "Little JC" Bovard, Jesse James King, Joël Pasquier, Laurent Poget, Maik Ast, Marc Fantini, Marc O. "Speedy" Jeanrenaud, Marko Bonnefoy, Markus Baumer, Martin Chabloz, Martino Toscanelli, Matthias Von Imhoff, Michael J. Robinson, Michel "Ice B." Chanmongkhon, Mickey Champion, Pierre "Big Pitch" Frossard, Sal Lombardo, SEB BLUES (Sébastien Gandubert), Silvan Zingg, Steve Grant, Sugar Blue, Vic Pitts, + jammed with plenty of other great musicians!!!

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