Music: The Only True And Worthy Religion

Music: The Only True And Worthy Religion.


Music is the only true universal language that speaks directly to our feelings, without the barrier of languages, cultures, philosophical ideas, ideologies, and interpretations. 

Music goes straight to our hearts, and bypasses our mental prejudices that create so much judgment, separation, segregation, bigotry, confrontation, and even war, terrorism, and killings in the world.

In all countries, music is the highest expression of our LOVE FOR LIFE. In every culture, no matter how different, there is music. In all cases, music brings people together, creates solidarity, joy, and happiness. 

Whenever you hear music, either you find it beautiful and enjoy it, or you don't. But there is never a question of whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, approved or prohibited by a higher authority. Your judgement that you like it or not is only your personal feeling, and you don't try to impose it on others. 

In my opinion, our religious beliefs are something that should remain personal, because it is, and because whatever you believe in will always remain unprovable, so there is no sense in arguing and imposing it.

When you feel the need to impose your personal religious beliefs on other people, it is not only arrogant and disrespectful, but it can only create dissension. Quarreling over something that will always remain unprovable is a good definition of insanity. Religious fanatics suffer from a bad case of mental illness.

If you know something, then it is not called a religious belief, but a fact. It is because you don't know, that you feel the need to believe, to give you a false sense of security. Therefore, trying to force others to believe something that you yourself don't know, is the height of insanity.

Anyway, wanting to force people into thinking like you do is repulsive to me. The world should be made of millions of free-thinking individuals, not by sheep mindlessly following other sheep. The crowd mentality is dangerous, because ALL AUTHORITY IS ABUSIVE BY NATURE

Be it religious organizations, governments, parental authority, etc., all types of authority imply that there is a superior and inferior side. This creates division, inequality, and breeds confrontation and fighting, and when you belong to the "superior" side, the possibility of abuse becomes real and easy.

The problem is, who gives authority ? There is no one there to give authority. Some people will say that authority comes from God, but did you ever see a God descending from the sky to make sure his authority was being respected among humans ? No, you haven't, because this is pure insanity.

AUTHORITY IS NOT REAL, THERE IS NO SOURCE OF AUTHORITY ANYWHERE, apart from the facts of life themselves, which we call the "laws" of nature. Therefore, if there is no authoritative entity, it means that authority has to be proclaimed and imposed over the agreeing masses. Authority does not exist in reality, it is only an agreement between the self-proclaimed or elected ruling authority and the agreeing population. Authority works only as long as the majority of the population agrees with it.

Some kind of regulated authority is a necessary evil to make sure that law and order are respected among humans. Surely we must have an authority called the police, to prevent crazy people from harming other citizens. That is the only valid and required authority, otherwise it would be total chaos, but this authority must be closely monitored by the population, to prevent abuse.

The point I am trying to make is that authority is ugly, everything that forces people to behave is abusive and ugly. AUTHORITY IS UGLY, FREEDOM IS BEAUTIFUL.

Since the dawn of humanity, religions have proclaimed authority over the people, and their way of proclaiming it is very clever and cunning. They didn't say: "We, the religions, are the authority". Instead, they said: "There is a God, up there, that is the authority, he is your father and will protect you if you obey his will, and we, the religions, are here to enforce that authority on you, the people". 

This clever way of putting things used to work like a charm on the minds of the tribal populations of the past. Remember that, thousands of years ago, people didn't have an education like we have today, they didn't have Google to learn everything in an instant. People were living in ignorance and in the fear that naturally comes out of it. They could not explain the world, so the idea of a father figure in the clouds was very welcome, because it gave them a sense of protection and security.

Because of their ignorance, people accepted whatever the organized religions told them, be it miraculous, supernatural, or completely illogical, because that's what they needed to hear in those times. 

But I think time has come now to see through it all, and wake up to the fact that NO ONE HAS ANY LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY OVER ANYONE ELSE. EVERYONE IS UTTERLY FREE.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not saying that religions are complete crap. There is certainly some value in them, but there are also some concepts and ideas that are totally obsolete and not relevant to our modern age any longer. The problem is not with the message that comes from the different prophets, we can all agree, I think, that love and compassion are good things to cultivate. The problem comes from what the people, through organized religions, have created themselves, through worshipping, through believing blindly without any sense of criticism, through declaring that their God is the only one and therefore if you don't also believe in the same God, you are wrong, etc...

The paradox of religions is that, what was supposed to be love and compassion, turned into the worst calamity that mankind has ever known, it has created so many wars, Inquisition, genocides, terrorism, all in the name of a non-provable God. This is insanity and it is time to stop.

This is what true religion is to me: THE FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE LIFE IN ALL ITS DIVERSITY. And there is nothing better than MUSIC to celebrate life in all its diversity. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Folk, Country, Pop, Rap, Techno, Classical, Flamenco, Salsa, African, Arab, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, even primitive music from tribal communities in the remote areas of the world, music is everywhere, it is being played and enjoyed from all people around the world, it is the best proof that WE ARE ALL ONE, WE ARE ALL ONE ENTITY: THE HUMAN RACE.

It is not a coincidence that we always want to have some music playing during all kinds of celebrating moments. It gives us a sense of communion, not in the religious sense of the term, but in the sense that it makes us feel connected to one another, it brings down barriers, takes down differences, and that's what the world desperately needs these days.


All the above are only my personal views and opinion. I do not wish to offend anyone regarding their own personal beliefs.

If you kept reading until here, I guess it's because you like what I am saying, 
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